WE WILL be celebrating “Valentine’s Day” on Tuesday, February 14, next week. To be exact, it’s one week from now.

Although almost all of us are already very "hi-tech" in the things we do, but until now, love is not completely understood and explained by anyone. The most important thing is that everyone of us is willing to think, feel, and act love in one’s own unique way in so many ways for our loved ones.

I’m sure we have experienced or want to re-experience love in any of these positive feelings I mention this Valentine’s month. Please add your own positive feelings that I may have missed to mention here.

Love means caring for another person and feeling concerned for one’s self also. It recognizes that each of us is great and beautiful. When love means interest in another’s questions and problems, searching and curious about what the other is saying or trying to say.

When love means listening and moderate in acceptance of qualities and traits in another which maybe negative, unwilling to accept another as inadequate, inferior, lacking, unlovable.

When love means supporting each other’s growth whatever direction it takes and having no expectations as to how each other should behave, do, learn as long as they are lawful.

When love means making the effort to understand and being sensitive to each other’s joy and pain and willing to share them. It recognizes that each person learns in his/her own way and having faith that each unique way is valid, good, acceptable.

When love means having faith in each other’s strength, intelligence, goodness, ability to decide. It means trust that each can behave as she/he really feels spontaneously. And also, it means safety to reduce fear, even if only temporarily.

When love means passion – a passionate involvement in a subject matter, a passionate participation in the teaching or learning process, a passion for life, living the day, every exciting moment and challenge of it.

When love means spontaneity, realness, absence of fakery, role-playing, game-playing. It means behaving as one truly feels, not as one is expected to feel, should feel or tries to feel. When spontaneity means being oneself, not trying to gain external rewards or goals.

When love means a positive close feeling between persons arouses pleasure and joy at greeting, sadness and tears at parting.

When love means all of these and even more, much that is unspoken, unsaid, unverbal, then love is truly a vital part in our lives. Much love is expressed, not through words but through actions – a glance, a look through contact between eyes, through bodily movements, through the myriad ways human beings communicate how we feel.

Above all, love is a positive, beautiful feeling expressive of the best in all of us.

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