CLARK FREEPORT -- A top executive of the P90-billion Alviera property development project in Porac town has cited the commitment of the Ayala Land Inc. to settle its differences with the farmers in the area.

Alviera general manager John Estacio disclosed this during a briefing with mediamen at the Widus Hotel inside the Freeport on Wednesday.

"In terms of Ayala commitment, we are here to find a lasting solution to the concerns there--that I can assure you. I think in the past, we will always allow them to settle their differences," Estacio said.

Recently, executives of the Ayala Land and Alviera had a dialogue with the farmers, organized by San Fernando Archbishop Emeritus Paciano Aniceto and Auxiliary Bishop Pablo David, said Estacio.

"So they have this meeting and we were able to talk to the farmers concerned. So we realized that as Ayala, we need to take a more productive role in finding a solution," he said.

The farmers earlier raised numerous issues regarding the development of the 207-hectare mixed-used estate.

But Estacio said the parties involved in the dispute should make a compromise or agreement in order to resolve the issues.

"We have to really have a dialogue to understand what they need so we could make a compromise and offer. While we want to have heaven and earth, the other party would also like to have heaven and earth," Estacio said.

The best security feature of an ideal community is a “happy and peaceful environment,” according to him.

"So we need to bring them to the call of economic development. We need to feel that they belong," Estacio said.

Some 80 residents of Hacienda Dolores and other adjacent sitios are now employed at the Alviera, he disclosed.

"About 80 people of those working in Sand Box and our estate maintenance and management team come from the area already," Estacio said.