DAVAO City Councilor Pilar Braga proposed a Davao Summit to address looming problems that come with the rapid urbanization and economic growth of the city.

Braga, during her privilege speech before the 18th City Council last Tuesday, said that in 2010, the city has recorded the urbanization rate of 86.6 percent, which means the urban services in the city is already under pressure to provide a livable urban center and quality life.

The councilor cited that population growth rate of the city is increasing while there is a flat rate of the agricultural outputs both in crops and livestock from 2009 to 2013.

“This emerging though challenging phenomenon brings us to the basic question. Is Davao City ready to assume in the leading role in pursuing the inevitability of progressive Mindanao in the light of sustainable development? Do we have the resources of appropriate human capital and sustainable mechanisms?" Braga said.

She suggested that a Davao Summit should be called where the cross cutting section of the Davao Community be convened to make more serious and deeper look in the challenges facing Davao City.

Braga said these mentioned challenges should be taken seriously and a comprehensive and dynamic planning, as well as policy shifts toward the future livable and global-ready Davao City, should be done to make the city the Mindanao's hub in urban progress.