THE Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo) is urging the public to help cleanse the police organization of scalawags by providing information on rogue cops' involvement in illegal activities.

Cocpo on Wednesday, February 8, released the contact numbers where tipsters can directly report information about police's involvement in any form of unlawful activities such as gambling, illegal drugs, robbery, kidnapping, among others.

The hotline number of Maharlika headquarters is 0936-401-7888 while contact numbers in police stations are: 0917-848-9327 (Police Station 1), 0926-592-2662 (Police Station 2), 0917-677-0543 (Police Station 3), 0997-380-7386 (Police Station 4), 0906-580-2453 (Police Station 5), 0915-969-4189 (Police Station 6), 0905-482-2050 (Police Station 7), 0998-990-0048 (Police Station 8), 0977-012-8666 (Police Station 9), and 0917-326-3995 (Police Station 10).

Cocpo spokesperson Mardy Hortillosa II said the public will play a big part in the Philippine National Police’s internal cleansing campaign.

Hortillosa urged informants to include evidence like photos or videos that can prove a policeman's involvement in illegal activities.

“Matabangan unta kita sa katawhan sa campaign sa internal cleansing kay dili namo kaya mabantayan ang lihok sa tanang kapolisan (We hope the public can help in our internal cleansing campaign because we cannot always see the actions of the police),” Hortillosa said.

He said the intelligence and investigation units of Cocpo are working altogether in carrying out the order of President Rodrigo Duterte to get rid of police scalawags that stain the integrity of the entire organization.

He added they are waiting for the order from the police regional office to form a specific group that will focus on validating the information.

“Wala pay mando nga magtukod og dedicated nga tao nga mag focus sa pagmonitor sa tanan kapolisan sa Cocpo busa multi-tasking atong personnel sa Intel and Investigation Unit (There was no order of making a group of dedicated people to focus on the monitoring of all police under Cocpo that’s why the personnel of Intel and Investigation Unit are multi-tasking),” Hortillosa said.

The Cocpo spokesperson said information can be forwarded to Cocpo's hotline if the police station fails to act on the tip.

“Kung dili aksyonan sa police station, dapat i-send pud sa Cocpo hotline para mahatagan pagtagad (If the police station can't respond immediately, the information should be sent to the Cocpo hotline so it can be attended),” Hortillosa said.

He said informants will be accorded confidentiality to protect them from threats and harassment.