EVERY Chinese New Year, people look to Feng Shui to push their luck for the year ahead. They buy round-shaped fruits, wear red clothes, rearrange house furniture, and everything that has Feng Shui vibes.

Just last January 25, Feng Shui master Marites Allen shared her forecast for 2017 at SM Lanang Premier. Allen was gracious to unveil her general outlook of each horoscope for the Year of the Fire Rooster, as well as your luck in romance, wealth, health and career, including lucky days and colors, and the auspicious charms and amulets.

Apart from her string of SM mall tours, paid VIP consultations and TV appearances, Marites also channels her practice through www.frigga.co.uk, her own line of Feng Shui-embedded clothing and accessories. Frigga lucky charms and auspicious items are also available for shoppers during the event. There are also free consultations with Allen with shoppers who need detailed information about their forecasts on personal endeavors.

The day was filled with discoveries, enlightenment, and forecasts which delighted mall shoppers as they engaged in her interactive lecture. Forecasts for the New Year are also discussed per Chinese zodiac signs.

Apart from the time-honored Lion and Dragon dance, shoppers also enjoyed the sight of the Ang Pao Trees centerpiece, shoppers read their forecast and recommended lucky charms according to their signs.

With all the great things Maritess Allen’s fortune has brought, it wouldn’t hurt to check her website, engage in the mystery of Feng Shui and bring your own good luck to life.

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