A RESIDENT of Bacolod adopted about 60 dogs from the City Veterinary Office dog pound in Barangay 35 on February 6.

City Veterinarian Ma. Agueda dela Torre said Wednesday that Cherry May Herrera posted her deed on social media and also asked for help to adopt the other dogs.

She said Hererra paid about P9,000 for the adoption of the dogs.

The dogs were impounded for almost a month and were scheduled for termination on Tuesday.

Before the dogs were killed, Hererra adopted them, De la Torre said.

De la Torre explained that under City Ordinance 184, if the dog owner fails to redeem the impounded dog for 10 days, it will be terminated or subject for adoption.

She said they need the cooperation of barangay officials to round up stray dogs.

Barangay Estefania has passed a resolution to catch the stray dogs within the village and turn the animals over to the city’s dog pound.

Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran urged dog owners to be responsible to address the dangers caused by rabies and other possible injuries, and prevent damage to the public.

Familiaran said the city recognizes that dogs are among a person’s personal properties, but dog owners should also be responsible.

Dogs seen on the streets are considered stray dogs, he added.

“Anybody can call the city’s dog pound to catch the dog,” Familiaran added.

He said the City Government is strictly implementing City Ordinance 544, Series of 2011, an ordinance establishing dog owners’ responsibility, requiring enclosures or fenced-in yard for pet dogs as preventive measure against occurrence of rabies injury, damage, and other hazards.