THE world of fantasy is a playground riddled with magical tales of the mysterious and the unknown.

And because it is shrouded with such thrilling elements, it all makes it more alluringly beautiful, not to mention worth unraveling.

And so the fascination of such dark tales and stories involving magic continues in various art forms whether these are paintings, books or depicted in the many films and television shows.

Fashion designer Bree Esplanada took to such enthralling tales and used them as inspiration for his designs, having shared his attraction to stories with a dark-like theme to them.

“My overall theme is the Cardinal witches of Oz,” he said. “These particular designs are actually inspired by a new television series titled Emerald City. I always take inspiration from dark stories or artworks.”

Apart from the play on the design also comes the play on details as well as the color scheme. “The colors black and white determined the good or the bad,” Bree shared.

“Fabric selection is the first step in my design and upon draping and pattern making, my vision starts flowing like wildfire that can’t be tamed. Designing has become a form of art and that is my canvas.”

The designs are embellished with details that represent different traits. “The Witches of Oz are feminine, independent women. Laces make these designs feminine but bold silhouettes indicate a strong, powerful woman,” he said.

“My woman is strong and confident that wishes to standout yet still remains a certain class of sophistication,” he said, on how he envisioned the wearer would feel as he was crafting such designs.

Sometime in our childhood, we were told of things that go bump in the night, those that lurk in the shadows or things that cannot be explained. Whichever and however it was told, one thing was for sure—it sparked interest.

Granted it might have been scary, but it got us curious.