CONSIDERING current status of Philippine sports, what do you think is the weakest link?

Athletes seem to show a lot of potential and a heart but still, why do we always fall short of the ultimate victory?

Why do we slide to settle for second best? Runner-up? Consolation? And tell ourselves “its ok! Even if you lost the championship, the event is already a big achievement” or “We did not actually expect to reach the finals so this runner-up medal is already a bonus!” Really? Sorry, but as an athlete myself, I know for a fact these statements just add insult to injury.

Not to downgrade the euphoria of winning or placing second especially for those who have gave their all but fell short of the grand prize, your determination and hard work is admirable. But what could be missing? What was lacking? Is it the athlete? Is it the coach? The trainer? The management? What?

So many questions. So many suspects and circumstances involved that make it impossible to solve.

Everything seems so intertwined, having these problems that crisscrosses make it all so impossibly complicated. The only solution seen is to go back to basics. Start from scratch, build from the foundation, and revisit its stability. Because in the first place, it should not have been just remedies to patch things going up but it should have been making sure of the stability of the foundation that would hold the empire being built.

Many are pessimistic about this idea. Many say Philippine sports has reached far that going back to basic would be a waste of what is already laid forth. The problem is that we are stuck! We are stuck on the certain level where we cannot go further anymore. Why? Because it is the only capacity of the foundation built, so we are building nuggets on the Plato level to remedy things hoping it could fill the shortage.

The foundation is starting to destabilize with a threat of collapsing.

It is believed that going back to basic would have its downside but it will only be temporary.

Revisiting Philippine sports foundation concerning athletes, coaches, trainers and most especially management will in the long run give Philippine sports a better, stronger and more stable foundation that can hold and achieve greater goals.

The time will come Philippine Sports will not only be satisfied but happy.