SIXTEEN allegedly erring police officers under the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) are undergoing investigation, lifestyle check and spiritual counseling, a top office said yesterday.

CPPO Director Eric Noble said that he relieved them from their assignments last week after receiving reports that these cops were allegedly involved in illegal drugs and gambling operations.

He transferred them to the Provincial Holding and Accounting Unit, and ordered them to join moral-recovery sessions with preachers every day.

One of the officers, Nobel said, reportedly stopped reporting for duty following his relieved. The police official said that this police officer has been recommended to be dropped from the list of active police members.

The non-commissioned officers, ranging from police officer 1 to senior police officer 1, from different police stations were also subjected to drug tests.

Noble said his move was part of the “internal cleansing” initiated by Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

Pastor Jonathan Acosta, “Bless Our Cops” program coordinator, said that there is hope for these police officers to change.

“There is still chance. We believe that there is no impossible with the Lord. That’s what I believe. I believe they have aims to mend their ways,” he said.