A FOUR-MONTH-OLD baby girl was reportedly raped by an unidentified man and abandoned her in a coconut farm in Barangay Perrelos, Carcar City Thursday dawn.

Police believed the perpetrator is an illegal drug user.

“The culprit was not in his right mind,” said Police Officer 3 Camia Codo, the Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) chief.

The baby was found 30 meters from her home by a 60-year-old woman who went outside to pee at 1 a.m.

The woman got frightened after she heard a baby’s wail. She scoured the area until she found the baby, bloodied and naked.

She informed her husband and instructed him to carry the child, but the latter refused, believing the girl was a “tiyanak,” a child monster in the local lore.

They informed their other neighbors. A woman claimed it was her grandchild and she informed the parents.

The baby’s parents confirmed it was their child. They rushed her to the Carcar City District Hospital.

The girl has eight siblings—six boys and two girls.

WCPD investigators led by Codo brought the girl to the Pink Room of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City where doctors found wounds in the girl’s genitals.

“She was really raped,” Codo said in Cebuano.

Police invited the father and his older brother for an inquiry. Both denied raping the girl.

The girl’s mother told the police she failed to notice who took her daughter because she was dead tired, after a long day of selling rice cake.

The father was asleep with his children, aged three, five, and six in the other room, while the rest of the kids were sleeping together.

She said they don’t have a suspect yet, but they received reports that there are members of the baby’s family who are drug users.