RED is the color of Valentine’s Day probably because the color is associated with fire and heat. It is an emotionally intense color and stimulates faster heartbeat and breathing. However in today’s highly commercialized Valentine’s Day which is bad for Mother Earth, why not make it green? The celebration I mean.

According to, $1.7 billion is spent on candy and $2.1 billion will be spent on flowers alone on heart’s day. Shopping is a big chunk of the waste that happens on Valentine’s Day. So how do we celebrate this day without damaging the environment? Here are some suggestions compiled from various websites.

Send an electronic card or e-Card. It’s a little less romantic, but it saves a lot of paper and gasoline too. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. Around a billion valentines card are sent each year globally, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas. One billion cards laid end to end would stretch around the world 5 times!

Create your own Valentine cards – 65% of gifts on Valentine’s Day are cards. Instead of buying a card that will probably make itself into the trash, make your own unique cards using photos or other reusable or recyclable items around your home.

Buy organic and/or Local flowers. Valentine’s Day is the top holiday for fresh flower purchases with red roses being most popular. We have Baguio roses and other flowers which are equally beautiful as imported ones. They are cheaper too. But for me, the best would be to give a rose in a pot! The potted plant will yield beautiful flowers all year round not just on Valentine ’s Day.

Enjoy the outdoors – For Valentine’s Day, in lieu of buying a gift, plan a trip to a park or nature area to enjoy the great outdoors.

Make homemade goodies – Over 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year. Instead of buying a box of chocolates, why not make your own homemade sweets? If you want valentine packaging, find a reusable container or decorate a shoebox. Other do-it-yourself gift suggestions are a letter or a poem that is decorated and framed and jars with organic candies decorated and labeled with a creative message.

Dim the lights – After all, it is Valentine’s Day, so why not conserve energy and add some romance by dimming the lights a bit?

Give unique and eco –friendly gifts- Buy the person a gift certificate for holistic therapies e.g. massage, naturopath, health spa. Give natural perfumes and fragrances. Popular mainstream fragrances are chemical cocktails. By buying natural fragrances, you’ll be showing you not only care for the environment, but the person’s health.

No date? Show Some Love to People Who Need It Most - Spread the love a little further to people who don’t feel love often enough. Homeless shelters, home for the aged, children’s homes are a great place to start.

You’ll be celebrating the true spirit of the season.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!