TQM is the manner of managing or the handling of the affairs of an organization for the purpose of carrying out the objectives right–for the first time and every time.

Present-day corporations rarely use the TQM module and if they ever use it, they usually sparsely employ it. Unless top management believes in TQM, there is no way to implement it in an organization.

Most CEOs aim for profit for their business, employing various strategies and schemes, some peculiar to their organizations and others using cutthroat means to edge out their nearest competitors. TQM aims for continuous improvement of processes so that the quality of products and services improve continuously.

Books, literature and references on TQM suggest that in every organization, a number of decisions have to be taken by CEOs, or chief executive officers, managers and supervisors since they are viewed as the leaders in the organizations.

Before making decisions therefore they are expected to carry out the following sequence of activities: a) plan the decision and weigh the pros and cons; b) foresee the impact of the decision; c) take or consider the opinion of the key or right people; d) involve the concerned employees who will be affected by the decision; and e) implement the decision and then monitor its effect on the organization.

The employees of the organization must undergo intensive sustained and relevant trainings to improve their abilities and their learning about the organization. The senior employees should be trained on leadership qualities so as to prepare them for the next stewardship of the business.

The leaders of the organizations have to be productive. They are expected to foresee what will happen in the future and take advance action to prevent occurrence of the problems. Proactive management requires a proper system thus problems can be identified before they occur. TQM

requires taking preventive actions so that mistakes do not occur. Quality can be enhanced or improved only through preventive actions.

The organizations, no matter what type they are, need bold and innovative CEOs for their effective handling of the affairs of the organizations.