THE stars’ hair and makeup styling for the red carpet often reflects the vibe of awards shows. The Critics’ Choice Awards is a dressy but not strictly formal affair. Many celebrities sported just really fresh-looking skin and soft hairdos. These are the makeup looks that I liked the most from this event, and how you can do them at home.

Marion Cotillard

This is an easy look to try if you need to look polished and like you made an effort, but only have a few minutes. Perfect skin without using a thick layer of makeup by prepping it well with moisturizer. Then smooth only a thin layer of matte foundation all over the face, taking a little time to really blend it in with a buffing foundation brush or a damp makeup sponge. Use a brush to sweep on setting powder where you tend to get oily. Polish the brows without making them look too done by using a brow pencil one shade lighter than your hair color, then groom with clear brow gel. When you have no time to blend on even just one eyeshadow, just curl lashes and apply black mascara on top and bottom lids. For the focus of this look, apply a matte magenta lip color.

Diane Kruger

I don’t remember ever seeing a makeup look I didn’t like on this lady. I read from a few sources Diane often does her own makeup. This look is nothing extremely special but just gives me a new idea on how to tweak bronze smokey eyes. There’s quite a bit of shimmer happening on her lids, but it still looks glamorous and not messy because she didn’t take the shimmer too far up near her brow bone. Instead of reaching for a nude or coral lip with warm tones to go with the bronze shadow, try something a little different with a cooler pink instead.

Keira Knightley

This makeup proves that burgundy eyeshadow does not have to look goth or vampy, especially when worn with pastel clothing and a soft updo. Blend a burgundy shadow all over the lids, not going too far past the crease. Also take the color on lower eyelids. Coat upper and lower lashes with brown-black mascara. Add a touch of peach blush on the cheeks. To get this super-soft lip color, pat on a pinky-brown lipstick using your finger instead of applying it directly from the tube.