DAVAO City Assessors Office Administrator Jerry Tizon said they are gathering data to back the proposed increase of the real property tax in the city.

"We are in the process of preparing for the schedule of the market value,” Tizon said Thursday, adding that the increase is needed due to the recent developments of the city.

The real property tax amendment was proposed by the City Council in 2016 but it was not passed due to legal infirmities.

It was stated that the Davao City Real Property Tax Code can only be amended once in every five years and the last revision was in 2008.

Tizon said that that putting new values for the different real estate properties is long overdue.

He said the properties will be assessed according to the actual use of the real property, not just the building but the machineries used.

"Titingnan ang development sales transaction to adjust the value of the property," he said.

The real property owners, pursuant to the Local Government Code, are mandated the true value of their properties once in every three years whether they had previously declared or undeclared the value of their property.

The same act also states that the City Assesor shall declare and asses the property for taxation if the owner fails to make such declaration.

The assessed value shall be the basis of the taxes computation, and only a portion of the assessed value shall serve as a tax due.

Tizon said that their job is primarily identifying the schedule of market value and it is up to the Davao City Council to approve the basis of the assessment.

Tizon aims to pass the market value assessment by March and is hopeful that the new schedule of taxes will be imposed starting 2018.