TASK Force Davao (TFD) boosted its efforts to increase the public's level of awareness through a one-minute audio visual presentation (AVP) that will soon be shown in all cinemas and establishments in Davao City as a strategy to counter terrorism.

TFD commander Erwin Bernard Neri said Thursday that his proposal was approved by the City Council last week, requiring all establishments in the city, including cinemas, cable television, and LED billboards to show the video clip in a bid to raise awareness among the citizenry about terrorism.

The video contains information on how to properly react if there are threats present in the area like suspicious-looking individuals or unattended baggage.

Also, at the last part of the video the contact numbers of law enforcers such as TFD, Davao City Police Office (DCPO), Central 911 and Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) were indicated to allow moviegoers or passersby to report threats.

He said that the AVP had already been shown in cinemas in December last year, but added that there are other cinemas who hesitate to show it; thus, it prompted him to seek the assistance of the City Council to effectively implement it.

Neri said that after the Roxas night market bombing last September 2, they have undertaken several anti-terrorism campaigns with different barangay officials and stakeholders as part of the information, education and communication drive.

He added that last week they also conducted an IEC at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) which is considered as a critical facility considering the influx of people in the area.

"Ang objective po talaga namin ay yong vigilance po talaga ng public dapat mataas talaga," he said.