MEN and women, most of the time, are really opposite. So different are they that keeping a man-woman relationship is an immense challenge.

Famous author John Gray, Ph.D. even wrote a book on improving communication in relationships, which he entitled: "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". See the point?

While most husbands think that every time they are with their wives in going to the supermarket, doing errands together and riding home together are considered "dates", wives' concept of a date is an alone time together somewhere else like watching a movie, or taking dinner at a restaurant or plainly sitting together at a park and talking just anything under the sun.

Communicating love remains a concern for those married a long time or even for young couples who are still steady dating and those who have already tied the knot.

Thus, it is helpful to know the love language of each other to better communicate love.

Can you imagine a boyfriend giving his girlfriend flowers all the time and the latter being allergic to its smell? How about a husband showering his wife with a lot of gifts and yet all she ever wanted was a quality time with him?

The love one gives or shows often depends on his or her notion and understanding of giving or showing love. But it sometimes ends up a failure.

Why not learn each other's love language instead to better communicate love?

Best-selling author Gary Chapman, in his book The 5 Love Languages, cites that there are five love languages. These are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

To know your love language, you have to take the love language test that he also made. There are tests for couples, adults, singles, kids, teenagers and parents.

What's so amazing about taking the test is personally assessing one's self and knowing how one wants to be loved best. For couples, taking separate tests together and comparing results later would help them understand each other better. For parents and children, taking the tests and sharing results would better improve relationship inside and outside the four corners of the home.

Adults and singles, make sure you take the test with a group of friends, officemates or loved ones so you can compare notes and improve love communication within the confines of the relationship or office.

Take the test online at or you may take the printable version and photocopy it for the rest of those who will take the test with you.

Answer the test as honest as you can. Have fun!