YOU haven’t been the same since that cold November day. With a heavy heart and a bag full of tears, you set on a different path not knowing what to do or where to go.

You ran and never looked back.

It’s been years now, you learned so much. During the moments when you constantly ask yourself: what does she have that you don’t? You figured out everything why it could never be.

To those who have gone through a break-up, you deserve an explanation. You deserve an acceptable reason, but in reality, those things never really come.

You are left wondering, where do I go from here?

You do not really have to go anywhere, broken hearts stay no matter where you go or what you do. The reason breakup exists is because destiny permits it to happen so you could learn the most important lessons to help you grow.

It is funny how after a break-up, some turn spiritual and Godly, only to realize a few weeks after, they are still the empty shell they started out to be.

God is never a back-up plan to begin with. Having Him as a partner with or without anyone is the best relationship you can have. Some things happen because we need to rewire ourselves anew. To learn that happiness only exists within yourself and God.

Our hearts sometimes take us to unimaginable places where we smile, laugh, cry and endure. It sets us out on a journey to understand the meaning of self-worth. Making us realize that we are not mere shadows of the man or woman who left us broken into pieces.

The question shouldn’t be where do broken hearts go? Rather, where does your broken heart leads you?

Like a caterpillar in a cocoon, they go to a place wherein it can develop by itself and grow. By the time it is ready, it flies out in the open to face new challenges. Sometimes we do not understand the reason why we get hurt. God breaks your heart and forms a more complete you so that when the time comes the right person knocks at your door, you are perfect and whole.

You won’t believe me when I share my story. After years of hiding in pain, I finally went out into the open.

It was a lovely night at the beach, I closed my eyes, felt the wind sweeping along my skin in an invisible ocean of exultation. I went to Pizzaiolo to eat. Suddenly, I turned around and met the man I was destined to be with forever.

Where do broken hearts go? Where does your broken heart lead you? It leads one to more experiences, growth, wholeness and eventually, to the right person.