TO be lost in one’s own thoughts is such a luxury. There’s nothing more wistful than letting one’s mind wander to infinite possibilities. It’s among the many simple pleasures in life that unknowingly gets the creative juices flowing.

For fashion designer Rey Humberto Villegas, it was that moment that stirred him to create his collection. “I like staring out of windows and looking up. I think most romantic people do that all the time. I was in a dreamy state one day and I just started sketching,” he said.

From there, that dream-like state gave birth to his bridal collection he fondly calls Love in Flight which was inspired from his attraction to the beauty of the ever-changing shape and mood of the clouds during a previous trip.

“I recently came back from a trip in Dubai and on the long flight back home, I could stare at nothing else but the clouds, and that really inspired me. Some clouds look light and airy, some dark and heavy, while others are wispy and romantic,” he recalled.

The name of the collection was also inspired from the kind of sensation one experiences when in love—it’s like floating on air. It’s an emotion felt even more so on the day of the wedding.

The collection consisted of materials like tulle, chiffon with lace and embroidery as accents and ruching for the wearer to feel as if one was embraced in clouds, totally capturing the essence as well as the impression of the theme. “I’d love for the wearer to seem like she was floating on air, lifted up by love as she walks down the aisle”, he said.

With the sheer lightness of the clouds materialized through the romantic wedding creations, in Rey’s point of view, they not only reflect its airiness but also the mixed emotions one feels as the day of the wedding is fast approaching. “I want them [brides] to feel lifted!” he exclaimed. “These gowns that they will wear on the way to the altar will serve to radiate the love they have in their hearts—much like how a group of clouds magnifies and scatters the rays of the sun on a beautiful day.”