WHEN Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover was revealed recently, the internet erupted in support for her following the completion of her transformation from being Bruce Jenner.

In the face of a world where members of the LGBT community continue to struggle for acceptance and understanding, Jenner’s move was applauded as courageous and brave.

While there is nothing wrong with pouring out support for Caitlyn Jenner for the huge step she made in her life, it raises the question; are people rallying behind the acceptance of LGBT culture or are they rallying behind the cult of personality?

Let’s be honest about it. While the whole LGBT community is gradually finding more support in other parts of the world, here in the Philippines, homophobia and transphobia is alive and well.

While some people here shared messages of solidarity and support for Caitlyn Jenner who is miles away, many of them also snicker at cross-dressers who dare to go out in public. While many in the LGBT community still hope for acceptance from the public, the harsh truth is that many of them are still met with stares and judgmental looks.

If anything, Jenner is now more of an icon, a symbol of hope to the LGBT community, saying “be proud of yourselves and do not be afraid to show to the world who you truly are.”

If we are truly in support of Jenner, then let our support not begin and end merely with her. If we stand by her decisions and beliefs, then let us not just cherry pick who to support, but rather stand behind an entire community of people in need of the same support we give one person.