HOMEGROWN coffee chain Coffee Dream is introducing a new coffee concept that targets active millennials.

Entrepreneur Glenn Anthony Soco said he has transformed his Coffee Dream outlet in Parkmall into a hip, playful, and interactive coffee shop now named Coffee Dream Plus. It will offer a new set of drinks for the health-conscious market, among its new offerings.

“We are veering into healthy and active lifestyles because of the growing health-conscious market in Cebu. People are getting busier, hence, the growth of active and healthier activities and services,” said Soco.

Coffee Dream Plus sells not only the coffee drinks the chain is known for, which are sourced locally, but also healthy drinks and smoothies.

This innovation, according to Soco, took him two years to develop.

He said the company has tapped a nutritionist based in Manila for the chain’s healthy section. He is also launching a campaign called “My Dream, My Coffee,” which will formally unveil the Coffee Dream Plus concept to the market next month.

“Everybody is stepping up with the advent of globalization and integration, where a new breed of customers wants to be identified and know where they belong,” said Soco. “It is also the tougher competition now and the market demand that dictated us on where we want to be.”

The Coffee Dream chain has 41 outlets across the country. Soco has yet to identify which locations he will transform into a Coffee Dream Plus concept, but he said they are carefully evaluating existing locations and negotiating with mall owners.

Soco added that Coffee Dream Plus could also change the way market sees coffee shops, from “study and serious business meeting places” into interactive hangouts. “This is the coffee shop for people who want to be on the go and are serious about their coffee, juices, and smoothies. This place is for people who loves positive vibes, a place of happy people,” said Soco. “This is an out-of-the-box concept, a breakaway from what coffee shops used to be as reflected in the interiors, music, and the staff.”

The 80-square-meter Coffee Dream Plus in Parkmall can seat 40 customers. It opened in December.