Michelle: To be honest about it, making a big deal about Valentine’s Day is getting to me. Even if I have no wish or desire to join the throng of people who will go out on the 14th to celebrate V-day, I have been thinking of how to make V-day special for my family, especially for my children. As for the V-day date with the hubby, a perfect date would mean the hubby cooking for me and opening a bottle of bubbly! What’s your V-day going to be like, DJ?

DJ: It’s going to be like any other day at work, Mic. Is it March yet?! Seriously, no matter how one will try to ignore it, no matter how we heave a sigh, roll our eyes or exchange those here-we-go-again glances, we can’t really completely deny the pressure to be somewhere with someone. Having no date on “love day,” to a number of singles (women in particular), is a serious concern for some.

M: Take heart. You are not alone. There are millions of other singles out there, each with his or her own strategy for getting through what might seem like the most unromantic day of the year—and maybe even having some fun.

DJ: Well, here are some some do’s and don’ts for singles like me. Do not go out on a date just for the sake of going out. Avoid shelling out half of your paycheck on roses and an overpriced dinner with someone you might not even go on a second date with. But if you really like someone but are just afraid to ask her out, seize the day. Take advantage of the season. It’s not every day when flower shops and waiters will back you up 100 percent. But if you happen to be among those with nothing really special to do on the 14th, do not be gripped by fear as though living through this day alone means facing an insurmountable challenge.

M: If you’re feeling sad about not having someone special to share Valentine’s Day with, don’t be. Instead, think about the people closest to you who you may have taken for granted, and be their Valentine. Or be your own valentine. Love yourself and be unashamed to proclaim it to yourself rather than feel bad that someone else hasn’t realized (yet) how terrific you are.

DJ: Having a love life is not as important as loving life. And if one happens to be reeling from the impact of a recent break-up, do your best to take pleasure from even the small things. You are alive. You’re single (or single again), not dead! Life can and will go on. There really is a point when loving yourself more and becoming a better person means letting go of someone who loves you less (or does not love you anymore). We don’t need a love life for us to love life.