I KNOW, you were expecting the default three little words often said on Valentine’s Day. You were probably wondering what the heck are these new set of words that I just mentioned. You would understand in a jiff if you are constantly online. Otherwise, well, you can always google it or ask around!

Oh. I feel the Valentine vibe alright. My past week had been as busy as the previous one, barely had enough room to breathe. Monday was the usual manic one, with the usual long list of things that needed to be accomplished. You could say I had an amped week of running between work, appointments and errands.

Yes, I did manage to squeeze in some painting time but that wasn’t a luxury but my necessity so that I could keep my head above water! It has always been my respite, hence, I retreat to it when the world is becoming a tad more demanding for me to keep my cool and go on with my day without wanting to snap someone’s head off.

I needed my zen time and crouching over my usual art supplies at home or in the second floor of Morning Light in Quirino is definitely, just the kind of Zen that I need.

So, Valentines. Hmm. I call it Single Awareness Day because, well, I am that. There’s no other day in the 365 days of any year that reminds me (or any single person) most of my status more than VDay.

No friends, I do not feel left out. I really don’t mind the “firing squad,” I won’t be alone anyway. And no, I have never sent myself flowers and chocolate although it is sounding like a good idea if only to see the surprised/puzzled look of friends and family when I post pictures of me with a flowers and chocolate! Hahaha!

Indeed Valentine’s is a special day to show and feel the love. People start getting doe-eyed and dreamy, thinking of unique plans to show their loved ones how much they care.

A few days back, the popular fastfood chain with the bee started showing its Valentine’s Day series of ads on the internet and boy, was there quite an uproar (and so much talk) about it!

The trilogy of mini-movies were released one by one, and as the viewers watched and shared the clips, more and more people actually became aware of it.

As of yesterday afternoon, it has been viewed by more than 12 million people and shared close to 500 thousand times! Of course, I am not going to tell what it was about because there might be some of you reading this who have not actually seen it yet, I do not want to rob you of the experience. (Okay, I also want payback for making me sigh and cry! hehehe)

“Vow” pulled one’s heart strings by actually breaking your heart. I remember watching it patiently, trying to figure out what the story line would be only to find myself gasping and gawking at the computer monitor as the clip was ending. I was screaming “Nooooo!!” and had tears rolling down my face. Geez! How cheesy can I get?

Really, it was that sort of reaction that had me and all my friends talking about it! We were jokingly saying we will never try their two-piece spicy chickenjoy with extra rice and upgraded pineapple juice because it will bring a bad case of heartache!

It was melancholic and I guess a lot of us connected to it in whatever way that made us feel like we wanted to give one of the protagonists a big hug! Mabuhay ang mga martyr!

“Crush” was cutie patootie. One of those short films that make you flutter your eyelashes, go “awwwww” and blush. Hehehe. Yes, it is mushy. And I am guilty of basking in its mushiness!

It’s one those things that make you say “Ay, may forever!” It was the “pambawi” to the “Vow’s” heartache. I actually had friends saying “Oh okay, I will eat regular yum again!” It was probably how we would want our love stories to end! Dumdidum.

The third and last ad was the “Date” and it had me crying long, long after I had watched it. Masakit siya sa heart. That was how I and a lot of my friends described it. It was poignant and sweet and also heartbreaking. So you could say it was an all in one thing.

You sort of wish you hadn’t watched it but sort of glad you did and you will probably end up wondering what they will have in store for next year! But you feel a bit more brave about loving and moving in the end, because in the end we really have to go on and be happy.

I loved all of them, really. Why? Because it reminded me of the kinds of love we are all lucky enough to experience in this world. The love of friends, of a special someone, and of family that makes our life more colorful and more worth living.

It may bring us a lot of pain and tears equally or more than bring us laughter (but I hope not), but in the end, we learn from it and makes us better people (and stronger ones) because of it.

I guess it is true it is better to love then lost than never to have loved at all if only for the memories we have for loving someone and yes, for being loved back.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance everyone! Enjoy your Sunday!!! :)