VALENTINE’S Day is the sweetest occasion celebrated every year. This speaks about love and romance. We all know that, love, has been the most thought about, and most intriguing of all human emotions. Since the day is about to come (on February 14!), maybe you are thinking of doing something different and special for your loved ones.

These are only few of the “where to” ideas that would please you and your Valentine’s date.

Romantic Dinner

Take your Valentine date to a romantic candlelight dinner where she is going to remember it for a long time. This could be done by putting in little efforts to make a perfect date. This is romanticism by way of setting a place where there is soft music, beautiful decorations and dim lights. Most restaurants have their settings ready for the romantic event – including hotels. Take your time to show your love by dining out and spend the evening with your beau and enjoy the rest of the night.

Bouquet of Flowers

This can be done by picking up the flowers that you love, with add-ons like heart-shaped balloons, pillows, soft toys, and a love note. Put this on a table where your loved ones would notice it. Sweet smelling flowers will surely entice your sweetheart.

Gift Basket

Consider this gift basket as a gift of love. This is not necessarily expensive because this could either be a cake or a box of chocolates. Sweet enough? But it should not be just like that, you can also decorate the basket with ribbons and laces that will make it look like it’s exciting to open. Personalized mug with pictures of the two of you will be extra-special.


Take your Valentine date to a set-up where there is soft music that she’ll love. You can either do this by downloading a playlist of songs on CD or fill it with videos featuring your love story. For sure, the rest of the night will surely captivate her heart all the more.

Chocolates and Cards

There are lots of stores giving promos, and freebies when you buy a box of chocolate as a gift to your love ones. These are not only plain chocolates but mostly, they were wrapped in decorations and love cards – as trend to this valentine season.

So, get ready as cupid is going to strike your heart!

Few days more and the most awaited day will come. So, you still have time to plan and prepare ahead of time. Make this day as special as the person you are. Though this Valentine’s Day ideas are just some of the languages of love in ways everyone else is doing. But men do have a lot of brilliant ideas with them on how to surprise and show their sincerest way of loving their partner. For couples, this will look like a very special day if both partners are willing to celebrate the gift of love, not just on that day, but to the days onward. To the ones who decided to celebrate the day with their family, you can do more family-like celebration. The sweetest of them all is cooking a special dish that your whole family like to eat. There is nothing more special than being with them. This is the time to show your love to them. No matter how busy your day is, try to spare time for this day. This day is not just any ordinary day. But this is the most special day of the year. Though you can show love today, tomorrow, and always, but letting this day go by not doing anything would make it less ordinary. After all, what’s love without a little mystery and surprise?