IN THE spirit of Valentine’s Day fun, firefighters of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in Negros Island Region (NIR) were told to follow a dress code on February 14, depending on their relationship status.

Those who are in love must wear read; married - blue; in a relationship - green; single - white; still searching - orange; long distance love affair - pink; it’s complicated - purple; brokenhearted - black; and those who doesn’t care (walang pakialam) - yellow.

Superintendent Fred Trajeras Jr., acting director of BFP-NIR, said the “dressing down” on Valentine’s Day is stated in a memorandum for the BFP national headquarters personnel, but he requested to also implement the dress code in the regional level.

“This will be the first time in the region for the BFP personnel to also take a break and enjoy the occasion,” Trajeras said.

Based on a memorandum order dated February 7 signed by Director Bobby Baruela, BFP fire chief, firemen under the national headquarters were ordered not to wear their uniforms and instead observe a special dress code for tomorrow’s occasion.

All ladies are encouraged to wear collared blouse and the gentlemen, collared shirt. They are prohibited from wearing sandals.

The order added that the “dressing down” is also a way of showing their personality while maintaining a professional look.