LIVING away from family for work is both liberating and exhausting.

Liberating because you get to have all the freedom on earth, no one scolds you if you come home at 4:00am from a random trip in Samal.

But on the other hand, it's also exhausting because you have to do all the work, including making food, from buying the ingredients to deciding how to cook it to actually cooking it and washing the dishes. It's quite a work (haha but yes).

It's still different though when mom serves the food, I guess there's really something about a parents' cooking that satisfies every child's palate.

That's why finding a restaurant that offers the taste of home is rare and we're lucky to have Caitlyn's Dumpling Bar in Davao City.

The store, which opened in November 2014, started only with three tables. Now they have expanded to cater to more customers, having put up ten more tables, who keep on going back to their place which is located within their house along #86 Circumferential Road in Marfori Heights.

To surprise the restaurant-goers, Alexander "Ikloy" Buyco, the owner, adds something new to their menu every so often.

Their latest additions are Cream Cheese Wontons (I give this a five-star rating, it's the bomb), Spicy Chicken Wings, Salt and Pepper Riblets, and Dragon Balls. And although the taste is good, you don't have to shred so much money for it. Six pieces of their siomai is only sold for P65.00, other restaurants give it for the same price but can only serve you four pieces.

Thus, it's a restaurant built to feed and satisfy.

Their good service can be guaranteed by all the customers who fall on different market segment, students, young professionals, and adults. It's even recommended by TripAdvisor App to tourists who come by the city.

"I grew up in Davao and I wish Caitlyn’s will continue to grow and also be recognized as one of Davao's best,” Alexander said.

Alexander also hopes to expand more branches in the city so they can serve those who like Chinese food at an affordable price.