BAGUIO residents and visitors can now experience seeing the most beautiful and favorite tourist destinations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in just a few minutes.

SM City Baguio made this thing possible for the public through the giant Philippine map made entirely of Lego bricks, a centerpiece for the celebration of the country's 117th Independence Day on June 12.

Unveiled on June 1, the Independence Day centerpiece highlights the scenic landmarks of each region such as the Rizal Park of Manila, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, and the fascinating sceneries and splendid waves of rice terraces in Ifugao.

Created by the Philippine Builders Association, the map presentation made up of more than 50,000 Lego bricks has become a crowd drawing event, especially for children who could not resist looking at the art work.

It is educational and at the same time entertaining with the Lego my own creation play area as added attraction for the kids to enjoy creating different art subjects independently using the bricks for free.

Nine-year-old Albert Ira Sungduan frequently visits the place to play and make big ships and airplanes with new playmates.

A single lady who visited the place with her nephew said the activity which will end on June 21 give children the opportunity to experience what it would be like to be at Lego Land in Malaysia.

The SM Lego map presentation is a very interesting way of informing the children and everybody about the significant attractions in the country and the essence of the celebration of Independence Day.

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