WE have an enamored concept of Valentine’s Day. Love is not limited to relationship between lovers. It encompasses all kinds of relationships. All things considered, love is the most empowering emotion that could solve most of the problems of this world including corruption, because in love we can resist temptation.

I believe if only our forces of the Philippine National Police (PNP) love their families enough, particularly the children, they will not succumb to illegal activities that will eventually hurt their loved ones. The “greener grass on the other side” can be very tempting at times. I hope greed and envy did not push these alleged scalawags to break the law.

Yes, we want to give our families the best and in this materialistic world, it is becoming more difficult to deprive our children of mundane stuff that we think will make them happy. However, at the end of the day, our true wealth are our children. We do not want to disappoint our own flesh and blood when they expect us to be their beacon. Our children will follow in our footsteps wherever we may lead them. Bear in mind, children are subjected to bullying in school when parents make it to the headlines due to negative publicity.

To the men in blue uniform, hold your head up high for not all members of the PNP are considered scalawags. You can resist temptation when you make it a habit to kiss and hug them before leaving for work. If the child is still a baby, hold him/her in your arms, and squeeze the baby until he/she feels the love.

Should you arrive late at night and you find everybody asleep, kiss them anyway and tell yourself how important they are in your life. Consider that nothing will separate you from them except when you fall in the hands of criminal elements while performing your duties. As you kiss each child, assure them that you will not do anything that will put them to shame.

When you get to rest in bed, thank God for the gifts, big and small; the wealth you have, including those in their pajamas and night gowns.

Make your wife feel how thankful you are to have arrived safely home to your family and how much you love her and the children. Finally, close your eyes and thank God and your guardian angel for having defeated temptation.