OVERHEARD in a coffee shop: Would President Duterte have the problem of Lotharios keeping more than one lover on Valentine’s Day?

The consensus: No more, because the multiple parties in his love life accept they must share Digong with one another.


Argument on 'plunder'

Existing law already punishes “plunder” with reclusion perpetua. That’s why it should not be included anymore in the list of heinous crimes punishable by death in the proposed law restoring capital punishment. Right?

Wrong. Plunder carried the death penalty before (from reclusion perpetua to death) but when the death penalty was scrapped, “plunder” by amended law retains only reclusion perpetua. Just like the other heinous crimes, from which death penalty was also removed. (Related item, next.)


‘Plunder' a bait

Taking out “plunder” from, and offering to restore it in, the list of heinous crimes punishable by death is bait for a barter.

OK, the House speaker tells the legislator, we put “plunder” back in list but you support the death penalty bill. Deal?

If the legislator truly opposes death penalty, having “plunder” in the Kill list shouldn’t snag his vote.


Ailing Cebuano

A former Cebuano public official is getting worse in his ailment. Perhaps retirement from public service isn’t doing any good.


Tom on minefield

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is walking on minefield in his plan to shut down banks. “It would take only one mine to blow up his administration,” says a City Hall watcher.

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