MAKING a relationship work entails a lot of effort. Those that work are the ones that are worked on despite differences, physical disabilities, and distance.

This Valentine's Day, SunStar asked some couples on how they make their relationship strong, and here are their answers:

Johnliz Temphanne Nillas and Arvin Mari Carreon have been together for four years. Both of them are seafarers, and for them, their profession is what made the distance between not an issue.

Hilario and Ligaya Romano are both totally blind, yet their physical disabilities did not stop them from keeping their marriage for 17 years intact. They have four children.

For Dhannieda Bugto and Angelica Maria Pogoy, love knows no gender. They have been together for two years and three months. They said the society had been judging couples like them, but negative comments did not separate them.

Damz and Beatrice Luchavez celebrated their 50 years of marriage in November 2016.

For a marriage to last that long, Damz said a couple must put God as the center of their relationship.

Love, according to these couples, should not only be expressed on Valentine's Day, but it should be celebrated every single moment of every day. (SunStar Philippines)