FLOWER prices at La Trinidad have remained stable since the weekend.

Flower vendor Margarette Bayacsan said they have enough supply to meet the Valentine day demand explaining why prices can no longer increase.

"It will be the price until Wednesday." She added.

In her stall, rose bouquets are sold at P350, while arrangements with orchids are sold at P400-P500, flower arrangement with toys are sold starting at P350, while a single rose is sold at P40.

Bayacsan said that special bouquets containing roses, stargazer, orchids and toys are priced at P500.

"We also have free delivery of bouquets in the nearest areas from the shop."

Another flower vendor, Rocsan Cayat said flower prices have decreased as Valentine's Day neared.

"It is P50 lower than last week due to enough supply and good demand." She said.

Cayat said roses are priced at P150-P300 per bundle (2 dozens), bouquets with a dozen roses are sold at P600-P700.

Flowers at the La Trinidad flower stalls are anthuriums priced at P30-P50 per dozen; orchids are sold at P8 per petal; potted poinsettia with greeting card is marketed at P180-P200.