IN LINE with the celebration of Valentine’s Day, National Youth Commission (NYC) chairperson Aiza Seguerra on Tuesday encouraged the public to help disseminate the correct information about human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Seguerra urged the Filipino people to support the commission’s anti-HIV campaign dubbed as the “Virus Ends With Us,” which aims to resolve the issue and with collaboration with stakeholders like the youth, the parents, educators, and HIV-infected people.

“Why do many still die [because of HIV infection]? Why do many still get infected? So I think, the problem here is, it’s not actually the HIV that kills the people, it’s actually the stigma,” Seguerra said in a press conference.

“The NYC encourages everyone to support the campaign. Please support us to finally end the looming epidemic of HIV infection in the country,” he added.

He then stressed the need for parents to talk to the young generation and provide them adequate information about HIV.

“I think there’s a right way of explaining it. We just have to be factual. Perhaps, parents should avoid putting malice because if there’s no malice, we could easily explain to children [what HIV is],” he said.

He also told the parents to encourage their children to take HIV test.

Citing a data obtained by the NYC, Seguerra said 24 of 28 Filipinos infected with HIV every day belonged to youth group.

“Misconceptions about HIV have been preventing everyone from getting tested… Help educate and encourage the people to make HIV testing a universal practice,” he said. (SunStar Philippines)