IN A BID to encourage youth participation in barangays the Liga ng mga Kagawad in Baguio City is urging all the villages to have more programs.

Baguio City Liga ng mga Kagawad President Eva Marie Fianza said all barangays should strengthen their community based programs and one is the involvement of the youth.

Fianza said when there are programs in the barangay where youth is involved could help deter crime.

“When they have more programs they will have more accomplishments and will help them to be productive at younger age.”

Fianza said teens who commit crimes are mostly young parents and with families who face hardship in life adding the situation could have been prevented if they were productive in good ways during their younger years.

Aside from programs in the barangay, the kagawad reminded parents to be more responsible so they can guide their children away from vices as well as bad influences.

Fianza said sometimes when children commit crime it is a reflection of how parents raised them.

"It goes down with the family values," Fianza said.

Fianza added that there teens who have been jailed due to the commission of crimes with some cases attributed to poverty but should not be the reason if parental intervention was done.