SOME 25,000 registered voters in Mandaue City still have no or incomplete biometrics and may not be allowed to vote in the May 2016 elections.

Mandaue City Election Officer Anna Fleur Gujilde said voters can go to their office for validation until Oct. 31, which is also the deadline of the registration.

The Commission on Elections uses a voter registration machine to capture biometrics that include digital photographs, fingerprints and signatures.

If a voter fails to complete his/her biometrics data, he/she cannot vote next year.

The Mandaue City Comelec Office has 179,000 registered voters as of April 20.

Gujilde said they expect the number to reach 183,000.

The top five barangays with the highest number of voters without biometrics are Paknaan (1,847), Labogon (1,600), Subangdaku (1,563), Banilad (1,540) and Tipolo (1,416).


The Comelec has sent a CD containing the list of voters without biometrics to every barangay.

A notice was also mailed to the different barangays so that their constituents will be informed and advised to go to the Comelec office in Mandaue City.

“If these 25,000 registered voters will not be able to complete their biometrics, it would affect the result (of the election), especially if the race is tight... I hope it will not just fall on deaf ears,” Gujilde said.

She advised voters to call 032-2363676 or visit the Mandaue Comelec office to check if they have completed their biometrics.

The Comelec has been doing satellite registration to accommodate registrants who could not visit the election office.

Gujilde said they go to the barangays every Sunday to register qualified voters.

The Comelec will be in Paknaan on June 7 and in Tingub on June 14 and 21.

Satellite registration

A satellite registration will also be held in Barangay Basak on June 28.

A registration will also be done inside the City Social Welfare and Services building on July 12 to accommodate persons with disabilities and senior citizens and in the city’s Bureau of Jail Management and Penology on Aug. 29 and 30 for the detainees.

Registration will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registrants are advised to bring one valid identification card or any document that proves his/her identity.

“I really hope that makat-on ta nga di na ta deadliners (we will learn not to register on the last day),” Gujilde said.