NO more rescuing of street kids.

In his return as officer-in-charge of Police Station 2, Chief Inspector David Señor said that the station will not pick up street children again.

He believes that rescuing street children is not the duty of police, so barangay social workers will now lead rescue operations.

Señor said that the police station will just provide security during operations.

"Every child that is seen roaming the street should be rescued because it is not good for a child to loiter late at night," Señor said.

The proliferation of street children, said Señor, remains the number one problem of the station.

Señor said that rescuing street children had been the custom in Police Station 2, formerly Fuente Police Station.


He remembered that when he was first assigned in the station, his personnel would also pick up street kids and send them to the Parian Drop-in Center, where kids will eventually escape to go back to the streets.

"The area was not closed because children were not allowed to be detained, so they could easily escape and get caught in an operation again," Señor said.

The kids were brought to the drop-in center because the Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS) did not have the facility to keep the kids.

Even until now, Señor said that DSWS Chief Ester Concha told him the agency lacks people and facility to rescue street children at night.

As a solution, Señor recently met with the village chiefs of the six barangays under his jurisdiction.

He asked barangay officials to lead the nightly roving.

The barangays agreed to conduct the rescue operations after 10 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and pay days—every 15th and 30th of the month.

Señor is also coordinating with the Cebu City Sports Commission to help train street children to become athletes.

Sports can divert the focus of the kids, who are sometimes involved in petty crimes such as snatching.

But Señor said that DSWS also has to coordinate with the station in rescuing children before they could be enrolled in free sports training programs.

"We will only secure the operations and help in conducting sports program that will divert the attention of these kids." Señor said.


Being a graduate of Master of Arts in Public Administration, Señor noted that the presence of street children on the streets of Gen. Maxilom Ave. and Osmeña Blvd. might waste the taxpayers' money.

"The City Government is spending so much for the beautification of these places, because tourists frequently visit them, so it is a waste if we only let street dwellers sleep and urinate there," Señor said.

The returning officer-in-charge has won battles in his career as a police officer, including shooting competitions outside the country where he represented the Philippine police and grabbed the gold medal in Malaysia in 2006, and a silver medal in Indonesia in 2005.

He believes that he can also win the battle against crimes on the streets while manning the Police Station 2.