IN LOVE, each kiss and embrace give hope for love to last forever but it could also signal otherwise.

Life consists of many partings – of saying hellos and saying farewells, but the most painful farewells are those that are left unsaid. It takes real courage to say goodbye and see a person leaves, knowing that he or she will be gone forever. Perhaps, goodbyes create new life or they bring death.

Is it true that the story of love is hello and goodbye? How do we then express our sweet sorrowed goodbyes?

Let me share with you some popular songs about a person who says goodbye to someone whom he or she loves the most. I bet you also know these songs and it can somehow help you express how you deeply feel from the day you whisper goodbye until the day you try moving on.

Let me be the one – Jimmy Bondoc.

It is so difficult to stay in a relationship when you know that the other one has fallen out of love. No matter how many years you have been together, but if you feel like the sun has already set and no candle can ever replace it, you’ll then choose to say goodbye than see him or her suffer in your arms. I guess this is the main reason why there are people who would say “let me be the one to break it up, so you won’t have to make excuses…” Oh, some birds are really not meant to be caged out.

Before I let you go – Freestyle.

Some people believe that when you hold on to a relationship and you know it is not going to work out; it is a sign of strength. But the truth is strength is actually about allowing somebody to leave even if it hurts you. And there’s nothing wrong to let go of someone by telling him or her, how it breaks your heart to end everything and how you love him or her so much for the last time. Still loving someone even if it already hurts you is part of letting go. Such is the pain in saying I love you before letting someone go.

Somewhere down the road – Barry Manilow.

A beautiful relationship can still end. It can be due to individual differences, career, family matters or unfavorable circumstances. It is never a guarantee that mutual love can make a relationship last. Sometimes one can give up on things because he or she thinks that its weight cannot make him or her fly freely. But hope is still there, that in time, they may see each other again somewhere down the road. I guess, letting go is just another way to say “I’ll always love you so.”

When I was your man - Bruno Mars.

Of all the saddest words a man or a woman can say, the saddest are “it might have been.” Eventually, when you have not given much importance to somebody who loved you much, you will find yourself crying. You are going to admit you were wrong, but you can never bring back time – you will now see him or her dancing happily with somebody else. You should have done all those things when you were her man and his woman. And now, your only hope is for that person to take care of your lost great love!

Someday - Nina. After the painful end, when all the stars in the sky collapse, the day will come that you will realize that you don’t have to cry anymore. Because not now, but someday, someone’s gonna take his or her place. Although you can never heal completely, there will be scars, but the scars will help you remember how you have appreciated the beauty of love once more.

Oh, maybe it is true that love and pain are synonymous. Maybe it is true that we only part to those we love to meet again. Or maybe it is true that every parting is like death. Oh, love and life – all I am sure of is that there’s always good in goodbye… Indeed “I love you goodbye,” is not death but it creates life.