WHEN it comes to nourishing our skin, nothing beats using all natural products. If your skin is feeling a little bit dull lately, this is the perfect product which has been used way back in the ancient times that is proven to give all that goodness to your skin: mud masks.

Mud masks in general are said to work best in exfoliating and moisturizing skin. Here are some types of mud mask to get you started:

French green clay – also known as Illite, is a type of mineral made of plant decays and other minerals including aluminum, phosphorous, silica, copper, zinc and magnesium. French green clay has been historically known to effectively remove all the gunk from our skin and also exfoliate, tone and tighten it at the same time. It is also said to reduce skin inflammation from acne.

Bentonite Clay - one of the most popular clay mask in the market, is made from volcanic ash. Bentonite is best for treating acne and absorbing sebum from the skin which is why it is commonly found in acne treatment products. This clay has electromagnetic properties and acts like a magnet, pulling metals and toxins out of our body. It is also advised to use non-metal utensils when mixing or applying it because of this.

Kaolin clay mask – also known as China clay, is an aluminum-rich mineral. Though it is commonly used in ceramics products, it can also be a perfect mask for those with sensitive skin. Kaolin clay calms and removes skin’s impurities without over drying it.

Important things to remember:

- Only use clay masks two times a week maximum. Too much of something is not good after all.

- Unlike serum masks, it is best to not let mud masks dried out completely on your face as it might cause some skin irritation. 15 to 20 minutes is enough for our skin to soak up all the nutrients.

Mud masks may be sold in a ready-to-apply form or powder form like most of which I have shown you, just mix it with water and apply. That is all the deets for now about mud masks, mud mask product reviews coming up soon!


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