THE widows of two taxi drivers from Bacolod City on Tuesday received P1.5 million worth of insurance claims from Grab company in rites held at Business Inn.

Anicita Ocampo, 36, of Barangay 35 received P1 million after her husband Orlando Ocampo, 38, driver of Angel Taxi, was stabbed to death in Canlaon City on November 2016.

Antonina Pan, 62, of Barangay Pahanocoy received P500,000. Her husband Crisanto Pan, 64, died on October 11, 2016.

The check was turned over by Jocelyn Yoshida, Grab manager in Bacolod.

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, offering a wide range of services through one mobile application.

Ocampo said she has three children and she will use the money for their education.

“We didn’t expect that we will receive P1 million, it’s a big help for us,” she added.

Pan said her husband was driving a taxi for almost 20 years. They were separated and they have three children.

“It’s a surprise for us. We will use the money for the tricycle business of our children,” she added.

Ocampo and Pan also received P10,000 each as burial assistance.

Yoshida said Ocampo and Pan were VIP drivers of Grab.

She added that he widows received the claims as part of the company’s insurance policy.

Yoshida said all qualified Grab drivers could avail of the same benefits.

Drivers should achieve a certain number of rides per month, maintain a four-point star ratings from passengers, and should have not committed a violation.

In Bacolod, Grab has almost 1,000 members.