THE Social Security System (SSS) will release separately the two-month additional pension totaling P2,000 from the regular pension released this month.

This was clarified by Janice Diaz, senior communications analyst of SSS Visayas West I Division, after they have been receiving a lot of queries from pensioners in Negros Occidental, especially Bacolod City, on the non-inclusion of the pension increase in the release of the regular pension early this month.

Diaz told SunStar Bacolod Tuesday that SSS will release the increase “within this month,” but they cannot give the exact date yet considering the procedural requirements.

The February regular pension is with the banks already, but the P2,000 increase for the first two months of the year have yet to be remitted, she added.

“They have nothing to worry about as SSS is ready to release this month the additional benefit pensions, yet the agency is still waiting for the signed instructions from Malacañang to implement it,” Diaz added.

On January 10, President Rodrigo Duterte approved the P1,000 increase, which is half of the initial proposal of P2,000 across-the-board hike.

Since its effectivity started last month, pensioners are expected to receive P2,000 in additional pension benefits in February.

The amount comprises January’s retroactive increase of P1,000 plus another P1,000 increase for this month.

Diaz said the SSS will remit the P2,000 increases to all their accredited banks simultaneously.

As to when it will be deposited to the accounts of the clients, it might still depend on the banks, she said.

“Banks also have their own systems, but we have already sent them notices to have it out not beyond February 28,” Diaz said, adding that the agency will also make the necessary announcements soon.

SSS records showed that almost 2.2 million pensioners in the country are expected to receive the initial increase.

In Negros Island Region, 159,543 pensioners are covered by the Visayas West I Division as of October last year.