THE Davao City Water District (DCWD) assured that it can provide the water requirements after a heated discourse with the Davao City councilors Tuesday, February 14, on the issuance of a development permit to Altezza Grande located in Sitio San Pedro, Barangay Catalunan Grande, Talomo District, Davao City.

The councilors warned the DCWD against putting them in a spot once again when the quasi-government corporation fails to deliver on its promise.

Alan Capindo, the Business Development officer of the Urban East Development, presented before the council on Tuesday the certification DCWD issued allowing them to ask for a development permit for the housing project.

Davao City Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang asked DCWD whether or not the one year validity of the undertaking would cause lack of water supply for the housing project with 200 houses.

DCWD in-house counsel Fairy Faith Agustin said DCWD can supply water to the developer. Agustin assured the Tugbok water system will be able to supply water to the housing development.

For his part, Councilor Jesus Zozobrado asked the capacity of the Tugbok water system and if it is enough. DCWD said the eight production wells produce 40,000 cubic meters per day effective to last up to the next five years.

For the succeeding years the DCWD will drill another well in the Tugbok Area, which will be utilized as they allow the eight wells to replenish.

DCWD spokesperson Bernard Delima said the utility company will use the Tamugan Bulkwater, which is expected to open in 2019, to augment the needs of the subdivision five years after it was built.

The issue of the one year validity of the certificate of undertaking was later taken into deep consideration by Davao City Councilor Lea Librado Yap and other councilors as the DCWD officer said they intended the one year clause because they conduct yearly re-evaluation of their commitment to give water to the housing project.

The councilors also asked if re-evaluation will change the commitment of DCWD to provide water.

DCWD said they use the one year clause to consider the other applicants for water source, which is on a first come and first serve basis, the water utility company officers however added and assured that Altezza will be prioritized for the water production, and will not issue other permits which will sacrifice the supply for the housing project.

“We will issue any permit provided that this subdivision will not be affected,” a DCWD official said.

Zozobrado added he wants DCWD to produce a document that will prove that they can provide water for years to come.

During the course of the discussion, General Manager and Spokesman of Apo Agua Infrastruktura Cerilo Alemano said they are having a hard time with the permitting of DCWD Bulkwater project under the Department of Agriculture but it is on track.

“We expect that we can get the permits from them (Department of Agriculture) by March,” he said.

He added permitting process started last 2015 and they expect project to be commissioned in the end of 2019. The item was deferred to be discussed in the next week’s session.