I’m sorry for the things I’ve said

Just like a child I lost my head

Now that I know who’s to blame

I’m so ashamed

I’m sorry.

This sorry-full melody is probably hummed by the singing President every time he erred in naming a government official as an illegal drug lord or protector. For aren’t we aware of the fact that PUD30 always says- “I’m sorry” whenever he makes a public apology?

Better still, in a way of his own the remorseful Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the country would express –I’m sorry, without saying a word or two.

How? Consider how PU30 expressed his gratitude – in a positive way of saying “I’m sorry” to Mabalacat City mayor Marino “Boking” Morales for an answer. I mean that the Duterte Administration did send the affable mayor with a clean conscience on a mission to the U.S. of A for one good reason. He deserves it.

Wow! We are told that Boking was mandated with the chosen few government officials in the country to attend the conference and workshop on Federalism and good governance on January 23 to 27, this year to Washington D.C. given that Boking is an exponent of a change for the better with the form of government, such an experience honed up his skills and knowledge on that matter which will eventually trickle down to the benefit of his Cabalen in particular and the Filipinos in general.

The Conference dubbed as “Federalism and Good Governance : Best Practice Learning for change – An International Benchmarking Program is organized by Creative Learning, a non-profit outfit based in Washington D.C. in tandem with the Local Government Academy – Philippines, an attached Agency of the DILG for providing capacity building services to the LGUs.

Likewise, it is on record that the Morales Administration of Mabalacat had led some 2,000 city residents to the fourth and biggest Federalism forum in Pampanga at the Clark Royce Hotel on September 24, 2016.

Who’s sorry now – who’s heart is aching for breaking its vows – who’s heart is blue and is crying too like relatives of those downed by Bato? No, not Boking. Despite what his political enemies had done on him and his families, the much maligned mayor never turned from following the word of God: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21).