DESPITE the lowering of the temperature in Baguio City and Benguet, frost incidents in farming towns remain contained.

Benguet Farmers Marketing Cooperative general manager Agot Balanoy said the phenomenon has less than one percent effect on the total vegetable production.

“It won’t sway the supply of vegetables and other commodities. Even if there’s frost in some parts of Atok, there are other supplies of the commodities from other municipalities,” Balanoy said.

Balanoy added retailers of highland vegetables in the lowlands should not take advantage of the frost occurrences in Atok, since it has a little effect on the supply.

“The Department of Agriculture in Manila must monitor the prices here and their market because some retailers are over pricing. They are exaggerating it to the public so they can sell high,” Balanoy added.

Balanaoy said farmers from Taludan, Atok, have experienced frost in the last three days particularly in highly elevated farms.

“Farmers were really thankful that only patches were affected as of now because it had been drizzling and it was windy, so it melted away the frost,” she said.

Atok Mayor Peter Alos meanwhile told Sun.Star Baguio only the farms on the riverside of barangay Paoay experienced a slight to thick frost.

“In case there is frost, the DA has provided a spray substance to solve the situation. But often do these farmers use it,” he added.

Benguet Governor Crescencio Pacalso added the province’s agricultural office has yet to submit the extent of frost damage to agricultural products.

“Maybe there is no widespread effect of the cold weather and frost. During our travel on Tuesday, we experienced drizzles and a windy climate, so we hope it melted the frost. Anyway, if there are farm damages reported to the office, the OPAG is ready to assist,” he said.