A CLOISTERED nun from Surigao del Sur claimed that she was healed by the late Archbishop Teofilo Camomot.

Mother Rebecca Hawak, a superior of the Poor Clare Monastery in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, was reportedly suffering from a tumor on her right eye when she and members of her order came to Camomot’s final resting place at the Daughters of St. Therese (DST) Mother House in Barangay Valladolid, Carcar City.

Hawak was healed of her ailment after lying in the late Archbishop’s bed which was kept in a museum situated behind his tomb, said Rev. Mother Maria Louella Grace Buscato, superior of the DST Mother House.

Hawak’s healing came just weeks before Camomot’s 103rd birthday, which is on March 3.

Fr. Mhar Vincent Balili, vice postulator of Camomot’s cause for beatification, said Hawak’s healing would serve to encourage more people to seek the late Archbishop’s guidance.

Buscato told SunStar Cebu that Hawak and her fellow nuns came to Cebu to visit Camomot’s tomb earlier this month.

Hawak wanted to visit the late Archbishop’s resting place as she wanted to be healed of the tumor that was causing her right eye to swell and turn black.

The tumor also affected Hawak’s sight, Buscato disclosed.

While checking on Camomot’s personal effects, Hawak reportedly lied on the late Archbishop’s old bed and prayed to him for healing.

A few minutes later, she was surprised that she can now open both of her eyes.

Her fellow sisters also noticed that the discoloration on her right eye was fading.

Hawak and her sisters were filled with great emotion and immediately went to Buscato to tell her what happened.

During Buscato’s interview with her, Hawak disclosed that three doctors have refused to operate on her, fearing that she might lose her sight in the process.

Balili, in a separate interview, said he plans to check on Hawak’s illness to determine if the miracle she experienced will qualify for Camomot’s beatification.

A requirement for sainthood includes a five-year waiting period to determine if a person healed through intercession could be considered as a miracle.

But Balili said that it will be up to church officials in Rome to determine if Hawak’s miracle is authentic.

The Archdiocese of Cebu has been preparing all documents and testimonies for the process of Camomot’s beatification.

Camomot, fondly known as Msgr. Lolong, was known for his extraordinary works of mercy in parishes he was previously assigned.


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