MOST students and some professionals usually go to one of the coffee shops in Davao City to study or work. However, not all of the coffee shops in the city are conducive for studying or working. Some have slow wireless internet connection, others are too crowded, and most of them do not have enough power outlets for those precious laptops and tablets.

Last year, Seekhana Study Hub Cafe opened its doors to the students and young professionals in Davao City with a promise to provide a conducive place for them to work or study.

The study hub is a membership cafe but they accept walk-ins. Walk-ins pay P80 to use the place for the first two hours and pay an additional P10 per hour for the succeeding hours. Members have different fees depending of what kind of membership you get.

The place

I like the simplicity of the place. I like how spacious it is. I also like how a glass door divides the counter area and the study hall. There is an ample amount of seating area. There are tables for groups and pairs.

There is also a row of individual study desks, which I loved. The individual desks are equipped with a personal light and there is also a compartment under the desk where you can place your books or laptop.

The study hub is also well lighted. The study hall’s temperature was quite cold. I noticed some were already wearing their sweaters but I was fine with the cool temperature of the place.

The ambiance was also very quiet making it a very conducive place to study.

The food

For my late night snack, I ordered two Oreo Matcha Cheese Cake Cookies (P30 per piece), an Oreo Vanilla Cheese Cake Cookie (P30), and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (P75).

I saw cookies on their Facebook page and was quite excited to try it. However, I was disappointed with the two Oreo Matcha Cheese Cake Cookies. I find it too sweet and I cannot even taste the matcha flavor in it.

On the other hand, I find the Oreo Vanilla Cheese Cake Cookie to be good but it was still too sweet.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich were quite good. I originally ordered the Ham and Egg Sandwich but was later told that it is actually Ham and Cheese sandwich and what was written on the board was wrong. Anyway, I still enjoyed my PB&J.

As part of the P80 fee to use the place, I was offered free coffee, which is not brewed but powdered.

Based on their menu, the food offerings are simple and nothing fancy but I think the choices are limited. I think the reason their menu is like that is because people come here to study or work and not have a dining experience. Hence, a simple and no frills menu.

The prices of the products were also quite cheap. They also sell other snacks at the counter like chips.

The service

The service was quite good. The staffs were attentive and friendly. The food did not take long to be served. The cookies and coffee were served less than five minutes after I took my seat while the sandwich arrived in less than 10 minutes.

WiFi was also quite decent, the pages loaded quickly and I did not experience any fluctuations in the connection.

Bottom line

Overall, Seekhana Study Hub Cafe is a great place for students to study and young professionals to work in. The place is very quiet and well lighted making it conducive for studying or working. Service is also good with attentive and kind staff. The WiFi is also quite decent.

The food may not be the best out there but I think it is enough to keep the customers full and satisfied. The prices of the food offerings are also easy on the wallet.

I hope that they expand soon. I believe there is a market for study hubs like this with Davao City being one of the education centers in Mindanao.

Location and contact details

Seekhana Study Hub Cafe

Bella Vie Building, Marfori Heights, Circumferential Rd.

Tel. No.: 287-3997

Facebook: Seekhana Study Hub Cafe

Instagram: @seekhanastudyhubcafe

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