THE proposed ordinance of Councilor Sonya Verdeflor, turning over the operation and maintenance of the public toilets in the three major markets in Bacolod City to their respective market vendors associations was deferred.

The move was based on the suggestions of representatives of the three major markets, and pending the plans of the City Mayor’s Office regarding market rehabilitation and modernization.

Verdeflor met with the market vendors association leaders where they discussed the deteriorating condition of the toilets.

The Libertad Market group through Bon Mangalus said their market vendors association requested for more time to study the proposed ordinance before they decide.

They said that at present, they cannot afford to maintain and operate the Libertad Market toilets unless the city government will first rehabilitate the toilets before turning it over to the vendors association.

They also said that if they will operate and maintain the toilets, they need personnel to man these facilities round-the-clock with three shifts.

Market supervisor Portia Familiaran said there is no budget from the General Fund for the maintenance of the three major markets.

A trust fund, which includes 50 percent of the collection from the tenants, will be used for repairs of the markets, but it is not sufficient to do major repairs in the markets, she said.

The Burgos (North) Market group through Kong Heng Ting Jr. said that if the operation and maintenance of the market’s toilets be turned over to their vendors association, it will relieve the market supervisors of problems.

However, the association will now have to absorb all the problems such as water supply, electricity, and sanitation.

The Central Market group through Rethelyn Viñas said that toilet repairs had been made previously so their problem is not so much on the toilets, but on the leaking roofs and gutters.