Aa mentioned that according to Greek mythology, when Zeus first created humans, they had 2 heads, 4 arms, and 4 legs, but fearing their power, Zeus split each one into 2. And this is why we humans are destined to look for our other halves.

Most people have the notion that the other half is the soul mate, but this is not so. Soulmates are like a part of your soul's family or group.

There is a sense of recognition the first time you meet your soul mates, and you are drawn to them without understanding why. The people in your life right now, your family, friends, people closest to you are part of your soul group. They are also soul mates. Everyone can have many soul mates at any given time, but there is only one twin flame.

The twin flame is the perfect match, the yin to the yang, literally the other half of you, the one who completes your soul. Many esoteric books mention that there are lifetimes when you do not exist at the same time, but you usually incarnate together just before an ascension.

There is a Crystal for finding out who is your twin flame. You place the crystal under your pillow so you dream of him/her. Chiara did this, dreamed about someone on a far different spiritual level, but felt that they were not compatible in this lifetime.

There are other crystals for finding a soul mate as well. Romantic Soul Mates usually arrive at a turbulent time in your life, and they are there to help you get your soul to the 'next level'. Usually, there is the feeling of falling in love at first sight, a sense of connection. Relationships may or may not last, but these are the ones that have a great impact, literally changing the course of your life.

There are crystals too, for closer family ties, for commitment, for more loving relationships, and for making sure the marriage stays intact.

Then there is a crystal for breaking soul agreements. These soul agreements can be responsible for making it difficult to find a partner. You make a pact in a different lifetime to be together in the next one, or at least to fix what went wrong in the last one. Or, you may have also made a foolish pact with someone in this lifetime. Karma plays a very strong role here, and these relationships can be complicated. Promising to love someone for eternity is a soul agreement. Careful though, eternity is forever and ever till the end of time..

In Bazi readings, it can be foretold if the person you are with is your true love, or if he or she will be faithful. It can even determine the period when you met them or will meet them and can even predict when they are most likely to stray. If single, Crystals, Bazi and Feng Shui can help you activate your flower of romance area, and work with chi to bring you a soul mate. And if he or she is in this lifetime, your twin flame.

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