A RESUMPTION of peace talks is being pushed in a bid to attract more investments in the region.

Baguio Councilors Arthur Allad-iw, Leandro Yangot Jr. Faustino Olowan and Benny Bomogao have penned a resolution asking for the resumption of peace talks urging the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to resume the peace negotiations ‘in a non-adversarial way and focus on the substantial agenda of social, economic and political reforms that address the root causes of the armed conflict, in deference to the outcry of Filipinos for a just and lasting peace.”

Olowan said if peace talks resume and lasting peace is attained, there will be more investments in the region.

“If there is no peace then the investors will be scared,” said Olowan.

The aldermen added the termination of peace negotiations would put to waste the substantial gains achieved under the administration and the decades of armed conflict had caused more damage, particularly to the non-combatant civilians who shouldered the consequences of the conflict.

“Peace talks should never end and should serve as a process requiring broad public participation and democratic consensus and an act of politics that can potentially spark a genuine transformation in the Philippine society,” the joint resolution stated.

The councilors likewise call for the inclusion of community representatives in the Joint Monitoring Committee on the peace process and back the resumption of peace talks.

Last week, two trucks of Philex Mining Corporation were set on fire by suspected members of rebel groups in the province causing a heightened alert in the city.

Baguio City Police Office Acting City Police Director Ramil Saculles said local police forces were strengthened in reaction to incidents in nearby Benguet province.