REJUVENATION has been a long time practice to make coffee trees young again and increase the production of more than 10 – years – old coffee trees.

This is supported by studies saying it could bring back coffee green bean yield to 100 percent and 50 percent reduction on labor cost.

The Department of Agriculture in the region through the High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP) is implementing the Coffee Productivity Enhancement Program (CPEP) aimed to persuade farmers in using organic and inorganic fertilizer to rejuvenate coffee trees.

Soil samples from various coffee farms in Kalinga were tested in the laboratory to find the proper ratio of fertilizers to be applied. Later, the DA-CAR distributed fertilizers to farmers in the province. This year, the program is expected to expand to Benguet, Mountain Province and a municipality in Apayao.

Orientations were given to farmers regarding coffee rejuvenation technology and at the same time to introduce the application of slow release fertilizers.

Other interventions on coffee include the distribution of coffee dryers to two organizations in Kalinga and another two in Benguet. One Coffee organization in Benguet and one coffee organization in Apayao were given a coffee roaster each.

Seven coffee hullers and eight coffee pulpers were given to different coffee organizations assisted by the HVCDP within the region while two processing centers for coffee are undergoing construction in Benguet and in Ifugao.

The establishment of coffee processing centers to be operated by farmers’ organizations who are willing to process coffee are meant to boost their livelihood said Eleanor Camut, HVCDP Technical Staff. They are given the assistance until they complete all the equipment needed in coffee production, she added.

According to Bentres Goyo, these interventions are being pushed to increase productivity of coffee in the region as its contribution to the country’s sufficiency level for coffee. (Karen Gawigawen/DA-CAR)