ILOBAC Security Agency has denied involvement in the issuance of fake license certificates to guards assigned at the Negros Occidental Capitol offices after it has been linked to the illegal practice.

Elmer Pescadero, managing director of Ilobac Security Agency, said in his June 1 letter addressed to Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr. that their company is not engaged in any illegal activity and does not condone such action.

Reynaldo Panuela, the person implicated by the guards, is no longer their employee, he said.

Pescadero said Ilobac issued a memorandum to the guards concerned to explain in writing why they submitted fake certificates that the company is not aware of.

"In their explanation, they pointed out that it was another security guard who approached and offered them an Enhancement Training Certificate for a fee," he said.

Panuela, in his affidavit, stated that he was in cahoots with Cresencio Palo, security training officer of VMA Global College.

"Panuela clearly stated in his affidavit that it was Palo who gave him the training certificates and he was merely referring the guards to Palo," Pescadero said.

He added: "Records of our company show that we have been abiding with the rules and regulation as well as all other laws of the land that pertain to security agencies, and we have no record whatsoever since the operation of our business."

Meanwhile, Provincial Legal Officer Jose Maria Valencia said they are digging deeper into the issue of fake licenses since there are inconsistencies in the guards’ statements.

Valencia said that guards of IloBac Security Agency Inc. submitted a letter dated June 1 addressed to Maranon, stating their side on the scandal.

He said that during a meeting with the guards of Capitol, they were ordered by their company's human resources officer to secure new training certificates.

"I want to verify this because there are already two guards, Sidny Sorallo and Cesar Panes, who explained why they should not be disciplined," Valencia said.