FROM classical portrayals to whimsical renditions, five of the city’s known fashion designers present designs that speak of romance. These are inspired by tales of old or tales that stir in the dead of night.

Glady Rose Pantua creates mystery and secrecy with the design dubbed Secret Garden, combining a dark hue with floral embellishments, creating a corsage of a garden; an airy and blossomy gown.

“I start with brainstorming for new ideas with my designs. Whether it is a new silhouette or choosing a unique fabric, these spark interest when I’m designing,” Glady said.

Mikhail Achas’ black lace number incorporates lace into the design, giving off a look of effortless beauty.

“I usually start with an idea. I choose my materials based on what is locally available. I love using lace in my designs. It’s so versatile and it looks so romantic,” said Mikhail. “I have always wanted to create a sheer gown. I want it to feel like second skin.”

Sam Cuta’s blue-toned design is composed of trimmings that evoke a classic touch mixed with a design bespeaking subtle elegance and air of seduction.

Donald Green Lim’s design is one that involves looking back into history.

“I used neoprene to achieve the floral mountings during that era. I use materials that, of course, will be suited to my inspirations. I just want the wearer to feel comfortable and confident. There’s a new touch for everyone’s eyes.”

Last is the black and white gown by Jessie Lastimosa whose affinity for all things floral are incorporated into the design.

“I fell in love with white flowers. I thought they were cute and were lovely pieces for art,” said Jessie. “The inspiration for my gown was taken from jasmine flowers–simple, lovely and attractive. The sweetheart neckline and the draped skirt in black make up the perfect picture that I’ve been thinking of for my design. It’s sexy and sophisticated.”


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