ACCESS to information may be a right but being informed is still a choice.

Our age is already oozing with information with the presence of the internet but strikingly, we can still witness people who remain uninformed or choose to be one.

“Iba na ang may alam.”

“Knowledge is power.”

These are just few of the TV program taglines that are capsulated to sum up the importance of information especially during these times where earthquakes, heavy rain, big waves, flood and landslides are making rounds in various reports recently.

Gaining the right information is a life saver this time to be able to act upon these natural calamities that would not come so much as a shock if we are equipped with the right knowledge. Information during this time is the key to preparedness.

Consider this event at a mall’s cinema just the other night where a group of young adults came to watch the screening of the film “I’m Drunk, I Love You.” The film also aired the short film “Angelito”, a sequel to the renowned film “Heneral Luna”, as a bonus when you watched that film.

Sadly, some ended up thinking they were in the wrong room and worst, some gasped they might have been scammed as the screening of the short film was shown first before the actual featured film. Before entering the cinema, one could already read a sign that says Angelito will also be shown as a bonus film but many seemed to miss it.

If the crowd was only able to read the sign or had read the news prior to the screening, they could have avoided the fuss and unnecessary uneasiness that had caused disturbance to the other viewers. This only manifests the lack of interest to pay attention to details.

This holds the same in our ability to prepare for any calamity that might come in the country. If we choose to be informed for any precautionary measure to prepare for the possible disasters by knowing the simple steps to do during earthquakes, flood, etc, then we can help diminish the casualties. Some disasters come surprisingly but if we are prepared, we wouldn’t be as surprised and clueless as we are if we only know how to act during these times.

Now is the time to stay alert and keep abreast on news as well as to listen and take heed on advisories released by credible sources.

Information as a right and information as a choice must always go hand in hand. Rights are useless if people who hold its power do not enforce and assert it.

Again, access to information is a right but being informed is a choice and those who choose to be uninformed will always be at a disadvantage position. In the end, it is always our prerogative whether we choose to be on the advantage side of the coin.